Granite is igneous rock that has its origin deep in the Earth’s molten mantle. During the long process when such extremely hot liquidized rock material rose and cooled, a crystalline structure is formed. Granite is composed of hard minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica, which make it strong and hard in nature. Granite is an ideal stone for countertop and flooring application. Granite also resists most scratches and shows no damage from heat such as placing hot pots and pans on it. However it can still be stained by oils like olive and vegetable oil.


Viscont White

Cotton Rose

Imperial Red

Ocean Navy

Emerald Pearl

Vietnam Yellow

Tropical Brown

Verde Mare

Royal Ivory

Fantasy Pink

New Impala

Blue Pearl

Volga Blue

Rustic Yellow

Tan brown

Royal Impala

Texas Pink

Silver River

Butterfly Blue

Black Galaxy

Labrador Antique

Dakota Mahagony

Spring Rose

Red Galaxy

Silver Grey

Saint Paradise

Blue In The Night

Giallo Fiorito

Summer Brown